Robotics and jobs, experts divided


A few months ago, two Oxford researchers were engaged in an analysis of 702 jobs. They concluded that 47% of jobs could potentially be replaced by robots or artificial intelligences. PewResearch somehow makes echo in this study by interviewing a whole panel of experts on this trend which now seems inevitable. Robots and algorithms will they destroy more jobs than the economy, more efficient, able to generate? The least we can say is that their opinions are divided on the issue.

Two opposing views on the impact of automation on employment

Robots et Emploi
Robots destroy jobs, it is the belief that seek to combat robot builders. Their argument? Robotise a business is to make it more competitive and therefore safeguard jobs. The best way to counter offshoring in countries with low cost labor. Pew Research questioned 1,896 experts on the economic impact of robotics and automation tasks by artificial intelligence by 2025 Their opinions are divided as to 52% of robots will not destroy more jobs that it does generate. 48% of white-collar jobs and blue collar deleted can not be offset by improved business efficiency.

In its analysis, PewResearch identified four reasons to be optimistic about the future. First, technological advances have historically always created new positions. On the other hand, our societies will adapt to this change and create new jobs typically “human”. This automation will lead to a new report to work. Finally, analysts believe that our companies take their choice and destiny. In contrast to this view, analysts point out three dangers to this automation. They point out that blue-collar workers have been heavily impacted by robotics. Progress especially in artificial intelligence will now impact the white collar. If the most relevant profiles will come out in this automated world excessive, it will not be the case for all. Many will lose their jobs. Finally, analysts point to the inadequacy of the education system and the political and economic issues facing these institutions.

So optimistic or pessimistic about this new era that promises?

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Source : “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs”, PewResearch study, august 6, 2014

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