15 robots not to be missed on Innorobo 2015

Innorobo to July 3, will be held at the Cité Internationale de Lyon the 5th edition of the biggest french event dedicated to robotics. 500 robots will be presented by nearly 200 exhibitors from 20 countries. American Japanese, Koreans and Germans will of course be the venue, but also robots from Denmark, Hungary, Tunisia and Russia. A unique opportunity to see so many robots at a single location. Here are the 14 robots to be missed under any circumstances if you go to Lyon on the 2015 of Innorobo edition.

15 bots to see on Innorobo 2015:

N ° 15. The fighting robots of Reach Robotics

Reach-RoboticsBritish startup Reach Robotics robots should appeal to the younger audience and others! A game based on fights of robots controlled by mobile application. Yet to see the actual capabilities of the prototypes created by Reach Robotics which will be presented on Innorobo 2015.

N°14. The Kawasaki MSR05N

Kawasaki-MSR05NFor the medical community, the Kawasaki MSR05N is a 7 robot arm totally chrome axes. It is designed to work in a sterile environment, in clean rooms of the laboratory or health workplace.

N°13. The e-vigilant EOS Innovation

Eos-e-vigilanteUnspectacular in appearance, the e-vigilant of french Eos Innovation is yet a very promising service robot. Its role is to make rounds in warehouses to there surprise intruders and call the security forces if a flight is underway.

N°12. The Lynx of Adept Technology

Adept-LynxIt also is a robot designed to work in the warehouses, the Lynx of Adept Technology help the storekeeper to prepare orders moving through the aisles in their place, carrying on its “back” sections of a Web control, for example.

N°11. Engineered Arts robots

Engineered-ArtsThe achievements of the English Engineered Arts interactive robots are spectacular and fun. Engineers cleverly use images Animate to appear the look or the expression of the face on their robot, which gives them an expressivity can commune at the current Humanoids.

N°10. The ExoAtlet of Skolkovo

ExoAtletRussian Skolkovo will present ExoAtlet, a medical exoskeleton. Mass production of this exoskeleton and its commercialization is planned for 2016. It will come to compete with those of the Israeli ReWalk and American Ekso bionics.

N°9. The robotic hostess of Promobot

promobotAnother achievement came from Russia, the robot of home Promobot. Proposed for the rental, this robot to mission is to accommodate customers who enter into a point of sale and provide information by speech synthesis. A new competitor from the East to the Pepper of Aldebaran.

N°8. The robotic farmers of Wall-YE

Wall-YEWall-YE, the french pioneer of service for the agriculture sector Robotics is working on a range of robots designed to work the vine or the fields.

N°7. The Iiwa from Kuka

Kuka IiwaWith the Iiwa, manufacturer of German robots Kuka offers are first collaborative robot. It can work among men, without risk of injury to anyone. Cheaper and simpler to implement than the ‘classic’ industrial robots, these new-generation robots will become ubiquitous in business.

N°6. The Stamina projet of BA systems

StaminaBA system will present the first results of the European research project Stamina, Sustainable and Reliable Robotics acronym for Part Handling in Manufacturing Automation. It aims a robotize in order handling on the edge of production chain. Tests were conducted including at PSA.

N°5. The Festo Bionic Handling Assistant

FestoEach year, the German ROBOTICIST Festo Unveils robots copied on the nature. A biomimicry which pushed him to create bird, Kangaroo, ants and… an elephant trunk. Rather than a robotic arm, why do not take model on the elephant?

N°4. The “Buddy” from Blue Frog Robotics

Blue-Frog-BuddyAfter a rather clumsy demonstration against François Holland, the robot companion Buddy back in version 2 revised and corrected. Result of the research of the integrated robotic Centre of île-de-France (CRIIF), this robot will be open to developers. Buddy will be the subject of a campaign of crowdfunding.

N°3. Baxter and Sawyer from Rethinks Robotics

Rethink-RoboticsAfter having released his first collaborative robot, the Baxter, the American Rethink Robotics has the market of Sawyer. Brother Baxter, it loses an arm to be more compact than his elder but he knows to be more specific.

N°2. The Nextstage of Kawada

Kawada-Nextage-2For the first time, Japanese Kawada will be on Innorobo. It will exhibit its Nextage humanoid. This collaborative robot is including at work in the factories of Airbus to help the companions in the Assembly of the aircraft. It should impress the audience of Innorobo. It is science fiction who joined the real.

N°1. Le Pepper d’Alebaran Robotics

Aldebaran-PepperNow a subsidiary of the Japanese Softbank, Aldebaran Robotics became internationally known for his small humanoid Nao. On this edition of Innorobo, it will present its new Pepper to the Lyon public. This new humanoid begins to be deployed in stores to the Japan, this is the opportunity to discover in France.

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