Safran Helicopter Engines inaugurates its factory of the future

safran-helicopter-engines-bordes-ligne-palesRobotics continues its breakthrough in the aerospace sector. Saffron Helicopter Engines, ex-Turbomeca has opened at Bordes are factory of the future and robotics occupies a prominent place. The manufacturers of turbines for helicopters initiated this project in 2012, starting by Robotics production of turbine blades. This first production line has just been inaugurated by Alain Rousset, President of the Aquitaine region and industry believes that it is already 100% operational. The subsidiary of Safran hope an acceleration of the production of these components of turbine cycle as well as better control its costs. The target is to halve the time of production of each piece.

L'Usine Joseph Szydlowski de Safran Helicopter Engines à Bordes (Photo: Remy Bertrand / Safran)

Safran’s Joseph Szydlowski Helicopter Engines plant in Bordes (Photo: Rémy Bertrand / Safran)

There are more than 100,000 blades that will be produced on this production line occupying 900 m2 of factory in Bordes, a new stage for the industrial aeronautics in the industry of the future or “Industry 4.0” movement as pointed out Laurent Mazoué, Executive Vice President in charge of operations of Safran Helicopter Engines. Almost two years ago, the factory in Bordes opened his Studio 3D printing and on Robotics that industry went back to the page. In his workshop live robots and robotic machine shops to achieve milling, polishing, engraving and finishing of these pieces including the precision of manufacturing, of the order of a micron, is key in the reliability, security and performance of the turbine.

Safran Helicopter Engines continued its strategy “factory of the future” and promises the opening of other lines of innovative production by 2020.

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Source : “Factory of the future: Safran activates fully-automated helicopter engine turbine blade production line”, Safran press release, December 1st 2016

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