France to stop producing FELIN, his “soldier of the future”

Fantassin FELIN, Crédit photo :  SIRPA Terre/ CCH O. DebesThe french cyber-soldier has lead in the wing. Patrice Pérodeau, manager of the Sagem factory of Fougères, has revealed that LEONG (infantry equipment and links embedded) will be discontinued by the end of the year 2014.
Initially ordered 22 588 copies, our ‘increased soldier’ found no success in export and the production chain will stop following the cancellation by the 5,000 last ordered copies DGA.

The last FELIN will be assembled in fall 2014

This is an interview published by the site press saffron which reveals the premature end of FELIN, the french program’s fighter of the future. The production of the best last will complete in Fougères, Brittany Sagem factory which built up over decades of electronic equipment for the Safran Group. This is that, in the 1970s, Sagem already produces of teletypes. From 2015, it will integrate the Supply Chain of the M88, M53 and engines TP400 Snecma and Turbomeca, the other subsidiaries of the group.

The complete kit of the FELIN, photo credits: SIRPA Earth / CCH v. Lefèvre.

The complete kit of the FELIN, photo credits: SIRPA Earth / CCH v. Lefèvre.

FELIN is victim of the budget reductions with the cancellation of 5,000 copies in the military planning law. FELIN, which came into service from 2010 in the French army and then testimony ahead of the France in this field. Despite presentations abroad, our cat has not yet attracted foreign armies. The Russians, a time interested in electronics of the FELINE, finally gave up the french Tomcat for the benefit of the Ratnik, connected Russian soldier. In the end, orders for export did not ensure a relay for the fern plant. A paradox at the time where augmented reality solutions type Google Glass begin to arrive in the public or in workshops.

The soldier of the future born too early for the technology

famasfelinHas the France launched its programme of warrior from the future too soon? One can ask the question, because the cat has shown its limits on the areas of operation. On his line of defense blog, specialized journalist Philippe Chapleau emphasized that the 4 to 5 kg for the complete system was poorly accepted by the infantrymen already harnessed 40 kg of protections. Not easy to support operations in Africa.
Composed of infrared binoculars, a body of remote sight, its screen, helmet equipment, the viewfinder to be placed on the FAMAS, the calculator, the radio and battery pack to power the whole FELIN proved too heavy, too binding and not quite modular. It is actually quite far from the Google Glass!

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