Why Salesforce is so interested in the Internet of Things?

Salesforce-WearIn a few days Dreamforce, Salesforce users world conference, will open its doors in San Francisco. This will be an opportunity for client relationship leader to make the point on the Internet of objects strategy unveiled a year ago. This amazing strategy of conquest of connected objects launched by Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce at the 2013 edition and materialized with the launch of Salesforce Wear Developer Pack a few months later. Return on what Salesforce has called the ‘Internet of clients.

Behind each connected object, a consumer

Marc BenioffAs in each of its public Interventions, Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce.com, was able to get the show at Dreamforce 2013. Sporting several bracelets connected, the bulldozing of the CRM surpassed to demonstrate interest in companies to focus now to the Internet of things. Toothbrush in hand, he made the article to demonstrate that this connected everyday object would change its relationship with his dentist. The message was clear for business leaders and present marketing managers: are you interested in the Internet of things, otherwise your competitors will do in your place. « Here for years talking about the Internet of things. I am on the board of Cisco and called them the ‘Internet of Everything. But behind every tweet, every intervention on Facebook, behind each Wearable, gestable, each mobile, don’t forget that there is a customer! “recited the CEO who added” there a client behind each of these interactions and in this world of the Internet of things, of the Internet of Everything, it is in fact a customers Internet and we need to rethink how we are connected to our customers. .»

Proposer une réduction à un client directement sur sa montre connecté, l'un des scénario d'usage type de Salesforce Wear.

Proposer une réduction à un client directement sur sa montre connecté, l’un des scénario d’usage type de Salesforce Wear.

After 4.5 billion (!) of members in existing social networks, 5 smartphone billion (expected 2017), Salesforce aims therefore to connect in one way or another 50 billion of connected objects. An escalation of more or less approximate figures compiled by Salesforce CRM marketing. Marc Benniof said: « with my smartphone, I want to be able to connect to the company who sold me the object, I want to be able to connect to its service support simply by pressing a button, I want to be able to talk to other users, be connected in a new way for all sellers of connected objects, whether it is the manufacturer of my toothbrush., my car, everything! We have never known a time as exciting, with billions of people on social networks. Commitment opportunities are ‘Amazing’! »

Wear Salesforce, Marc Benioff weapon to conquer the Internet of objects

L'architecture de principe de Salesforce Wear

L’architecture de principe de Salesforce Wear

Since these inflamed lyrics, acts have actually followed the speech. On June 10, Salesforce launched Salesforce Wear. The idea is to offer a development kit for the main wearables of the market so that Salesforce1, the Cloud Computing of the American platform serve as hub for data and applications of this ecosystem of object. Salesforce provides who wants its technology to this place as a key player in the Internet of things. What will the client with its connected object will be so historisé on the platform. A veritable goldmine for each of industrial and, incidentally, to Salesforce. The issue is size and for the launch of its offer, the American hit hard with development kits for Android Wear for Google Glass bracelets Fitbit, the connected of Peebles, watch Tizen Samsung Gear 2, connected sports OMsignal Jersey movements Myo’s Thalmic, bracelet Bionym with controller. Add to that partnerships with ARM and Philips and then the arrival of Epson, Jawbone, Meta, Vizix and oculus and you have a nice lineup of actors of the Wearables, even if still missing much heavy weight to the array of hunting of Salesforce.

The amazing scenario of industrial maintenance from Google Glass connected to Salesforce1..

The amazing scenario of industrial maintenance from Google Glass connected to Salesforce1.

And for good reason! For many, the Data, it is the oil of the new economy and it is strategic for a company to control. Facing them, Salesforce is brimming with ambition because the first unveiled demonstrations showed not only uses Salesforce Gear in customer relationship, but also industrial maintenance with the Google Glass… A few months after the launch, Dreamforce will be an opportunity to make the point about this obnoxious launch and know if it will be the third wave of growth desired by Marc Benioff after the Cloud and Social, well well stood with Salesforce customers. Sources : “Salesforce ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) News”, Wireless Developer’s Journal, September 4, 2014 “Salesforce teams with Accenture to strengthen wearable tech use in business”, V3, September 4, 2014 “Avec Wear, Salesforce aide au développement d’apps sur les wearable devices”, SiliconFr, June 10, 2014 Marc Benioff Loves Wrist Computers So Much He’s Wearing Two Right Now”, BusinessInsider, June 28, 2013

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