Innovations not to be missed on Detroit Auto Show 2016

Audi-H-Tron-quattroAfter record sales in 2015, the U.S. automobile market is fixed. American industry triumph again on the NAIAS. 40 new models will be presented at the first motor show of the year. Among them some real innovations: new propulsion systems, new Automation, communication systems and 3D printing, many of these innovations come… from Germany.

Mercedes launches the first car equipped with V2V

Mercedes a présenté à Detroit la nouvelle évolution de sa Classe E. Mercedes-Classe-ENew design, the car monte in range with a wheelbase which won 6.5 cm for more comfort and it has an autonomous driving mode that allows to park itself, without a driver in the seat, such as the BMW 7 series or the Tesla Model S. Nevertheless this E-class will remain in the annals for the first series of a type V2V communication system vehicle. The E-class are able to exchange information with their colleagues. The system enforces the SIM card of the vehicle and a Cloud service provided by Mercedes and not a vehicle WiFi link to vehicle.

Chevrolet-Bolt-EVSide energies, while Volkswagen continues to push the diesel in the U.S. market, it is rather the power that is in tune with the times in the United States. The Chevrolet Bolt EV had made an appearance at CES 2016 and it was officially launched in Detroit. An electric car offering a greater than 300 km range marketed at $30,000, the democratization of the electric forward only slowly. American manufacturers will have to innovate to counter Tesla Motors. However Audi created a sensation by revealing its SUV concept hydrogen H-Tron Audi Quattro. A concept as that echoes to the Audi A7 H-Tron unveiled at the Los Angeles show a few months ago.

Audi-H-Tron-quattro-conceptUnlike the sedan Toyota Mirai, Audi set performance to convince drivers in the interest of the stack fuel. His SUV has two electric motors, with 90 kW (122 HP) at the front and 140 kW (190 HP) at the rear. What kill the 0-100 mph in less than seven seconds. In addition to its fuel cell, the H-Tron Audi Quattro has a Lithium Ion battery, giving it a range of about 600 km.

3D printing arrives in the car

Plus anecdotique, le concept Buick Avista, un élégant coupé propulsé par un V6 bi-turbo de 400 cv. Buick-Avista-ConceptExperts have noted the absence of amount vertical between front and back but the real novelty of this car, it is in its interior trim need to search for it. The seats and door trim will be produced in 3D printing. Many offices of studies are working on customizing the interiors of vehicle with 3D printing. Buick (GM) appears ready to launch on a series model.

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