Geneva Motor Show 2016: And if the electric car could be fun?

Pininfarina H2-Genève 2016 Geneva Motor Show 2016 edition will be no doubt in the annals to be launch official Bugatti Chiron, Monster motor a power 16-cylinder W close to 1500 HP and can reach 400 km / h. Aston Martin for its part unveiled its DB 11 while Lamborghini for its part offers a limited edition of his the Aventador the Centenario motorized of a V12 of 770 c. These vehicles of exception, real dinosaurs of the oil era, will definitely not the last of their species, but the wind is moving. The famous Pininfarina exposes in Geneva a sports car to high performance, the H2 Speed, sporting a hydrogen.

The Morgan EV3 to the Pininfarina H2 Speed, 2 visions of the electric car


Morgan EV3, an another vision of the electric vehicule.

Known today, when Elon Musk wrote the specifications of the Tesla Model S, the CEO of Tesla Motors wanted his luxury vehicle has the acceleration of a Supercar.
evidence was presented that roll to the electric is more synonymous with boredom. This edition Geneva 2016 is evidence of the emergence of a new generation of cars sporting electric propulsion. The very ‘british’ Morgan has thus unveiled the Morgan EV3, a small electric car in the line right of trademark 3-wheeled vehicles. His first electric boasts a 20 kWh lithium battery. A single 46 kW on the rear wheel electric motor propels this tricycle to 144 km/h. It takes 9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

Pininfarina H2 au Salon de Genève 2016

First show in Geneva for the Pininfarina H2 sportcar.

A l’autre extrémité du spectre automobile, le célèbre Pininfarina a dévoilé à Genève un concept car à haute performance disposant d’une pile à combustible. This supercar was designed by the prestigious office of Italian design, but its mechanics ‘Full Hydrogen Power’ was designed by Franco-Swiss GreenGT. Result of 2 years of research and development its hydrogen fuel and two electric motors with an output of 370 kW stack. 503 HP which must allow the car to reach 300 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. It is not yet at the level of the monstrous Bugatti Chiron, but never an electric Supercar has never been as good.

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