Paris Air Show 2015: Innovation breath on civilian drones

Safran-PatrollerThe 2015 edition of the “Paris Air Show” has been very poor in terms of military drones. Unlike 2013, the “Neuron” European remained in Italy due to tests, Airbus Defence and Space packed up his model of Talarion and BAE Systems and Dassault their Telemos. The Americans have not even brought their Reaper in Paris: all their allies already want! For now, it is on the side of small businesses and startups that we must seek innovation.

Europe military drones, down

No military drones command at the Paris Air Show. The French army must choose between Watchkeeper Thales, Sagem Patroller the Shadow and M2, the American Textron presented by Airbus Defence and Space France is still studying the three options.

 Airbus Defense & amp; Space has introduced At the Paris Air Show an armed version of its Tanan drone.

Airbus Defense & amp; Space has introduced At the Paris Air Show an armed version of its Tanan drone.

As for the European successor to the American Reaper, the UAV MALE (Medium Altitude / Long Endurance) common between Dassault Aviation, Airbus and Finmeccanica is still at the draft stage he already knows turbulence. Tom Enders, Airbus President has threatened to walk out of the project to multiple national pressures on the future European UAV. Paradoxically, it is the small “LH Aviation” which announced the first sale of dronisée version of the LH-10 Ellipse single engine. A copy must be delivered to the police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while a hundred copies could be produced under license in India.

The military UAV sector is in transition in Europe. and fortunately Piaggio has provided Hammerhead P.IHH the colors of 32 ° Stormo of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana. A drone MALE intermediary who faced the lounge at the Anka Turkish Aerospace Industries and Israeli drones Hermes 900 Elbit Systems and IAI Heron Super.

Innovation in civilian drones

Parrot-BourgetAs for civilian drones, Parrot this year yet, installed his “drones aviary” on the tarmac at Le Bourget. It was possible to attend demonstrations of BeBop, one of the last models of the French but also the Parrot Skycontroller, its new wireless remote control device for the BeBop drone. This can particularly be coupled to virtual reality goggles Cinemizer Zeiss and Sony HMZ 3. After acquiring Airinov, it is likely that this Parrot will be even greater in the next edition of the Paris Air Show.

Besides Parrot, a recreation leader drone, many startups have come to present their latest achievements in the maze of aisles. Tekever has presented its AR3 Net Ray, whose endurance drone can reach up to 10 flight hours. It was tested as part of FRONTEX, the marker missions boats of migrants in the Mediterranean. The Toulouse Concept Airborne, he unveiled his plan on the Bourget to parachute from a drone aircraft. What give the lie to a small electric drone few kg.

Among the most original drones presented at Le Bourget, the phosphorescent drone Dronavia, an Eclipse 6N template for nighttime inspections.Thales StratobusNevertheless, the project Stratobus Thales is the most ambitious. Halfway between Loon Google project and the draft stratospheric UAV Facebook, this solar airship must be between 70 to 100 meters in length, 20-30 meters in diameter and a payload of 250 kg. It can stay at a stationary location to 20,000 meters above sea level … for 5 full years. Led by Thales Alenia Space with Zodiac Marine and CEA-Liten this project aims commercialization in 2020.

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