Will Samsung market a 3D color printer?

Multicolor-3D-PrintAfter HP, Samsung preparing to turn its entry on the market of 3D printers? It is in any case suggested a patent filed by Samsung Electronics which was recently revealed to the public. This patent relates to the chemical formula color ink and its 3D printing process.
Just like the process that prepares to commercialize HP, this ink will be stored in several cartridges, 6 on the printer model schematized in the patent. One of the secrets of this technique, it is a chemical agent that will prevent the colours to mix at the time of printing. Will this innovation League in the marketing of a new range of 3D-branded Samsung printer?

Samsung has implemented a cell innovation to clear new fields

Samsung 3D PrinterAt the beginning of the year, Samsung announced its desire to create a research on future technologies group: Robotics, 3D printing, internet of things, but drones and virtual reality. This patent could be derived from this innovation cell.
Samsung will launch this market of 3D printing, nothing is obtained. In October 2014, Samsung had formally denied wanting to launch on the market 3D printers. Its researchers find and incidentally his quest for growth lead to the Korean giant to reconsider its position?

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