Sawyer, Iiwa, YuMi: the new generation of collaborative robots is here

Rethinks Robotics - SawyerRodney Brooks, the founder of Rethink Robotics has unveiled his latest creation, Swayer. Little brother of the Baxter robot, this robotic arm is what is called a cobot. A more collaborative robot in a market that is becoming in addition to competitors. These robots, able to work with humans, good manufacturers but also to a good number of companies, cross a new level of productivity.
Sawyer, it is the very definition of collaborative robot. A relatively low price (on the order of tens of thousands of euros against hundreds of thousands of euros for a traditional industrial robot), a robot that can be installed to the side of beings humans without having to install a protective enclosure, the opportunity to learn a new task simply by showing him. Unknown flexibility in industrial robotics.

Manufacturers of traditional robots come also to the collaborative

After the Japanese of Yaskawa Motoman and Kawada Nextage, the Sawyer returned in this nascent market. For the time being, it’s Universal Robots who won in the first round. Danish said have sold 1 000 of its arm robotic UR5 UR10 in 2013, double in 2014, and aims 4 000 sales this year, for an installed base of 5 000 robots. Universal Robots has unveiled the UR3, declining its range down, with a small arm of 50 cm of scope for 3 kg maximum load.
Universal-RoboticsUniversal Robotics accelerates but will be faced with more and more competitors. In addition to this Sawyer and Japanese Humanoids, robotics Giants are interested seriously in this new market. German Kuka developed the LBR iiwa (for intelligent industrial work assistant) in collaboration with the German Space Agency (DLR). The Swiss ABB created the YuMi for this market, a shirtless robot with 2 robotic arms, and Franco-Swiss Stäubli has also positioned on the market with the TX2-60.
Same Bosch wants its part of the cake with his assistant, any APAS new collaborative robot whose robot arm is equipped with camera to recognize parts to grasp.
Industry, packaging, plastics, collage, assemblage in electronics, inspection quality, medical analysis laboratories, future applications of these robots of a new type seem infinite.

The main cobots on the market:


ABB Yumi

Type : Humanoid torso 14 axes (7 axes per arm)

Launch date: Avril 2015


Bosch APAS Assistant

Type : Robot arm
Maximum load: 2 kg
Radius of action: 911 mm


Kawada Nextage

Type : Humanoid torso 14 axes (6 axes per arm × 2, 2 for the neck, 1 for torso)
Maximum load: 1,5 kg par bras


Kuka LBR iiwa

Type : Arm 7 axes
Maximum load: 7 kg
Radius of action: 800 mm


Precise Automation Preciseflex 400

Type : SCARA robot
Maximum load: 1 kg
Radius of action: 400 mm


Rethink Robotics Baxter

Type : Humanoid torso 14 axes (7 axes per arm)
Maximum load: 2,2 kg per arm
Radius of action: 1026 mm
Price: from $25,000


Rethink Robotics Swayer

Type : Arm robot 7 axes
Maximum load: 4 kg
Radius of action: 1026 mm
Price: from $29,000


Staubli TX2-60

Type : arm robot 6 axis
Maximum load: 9 Kg
Radius of action: 670 mm

 Universal Robots

Universal Robots UR3, UR5 et UR10

Type : arm robot 6 axis
Maximum load: 3 / 5 / 10 kg
Radius of action: 500 / 850 / 1.300 mm


Yaskawa Motoman

Type : Humanoid torso 15 axis
Maximum load: 5 kg par bras
Radius of action: 559 mm horizontal, 845 mm vertical

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