Scorpio RS2, the scary robot killer of Howe & Howe Technologies

The latest creation of the Howe brothers was enough to give nightmares. Their robot Scorpio RS2 seems straight out of Terminator. Equipped with a machine gun caliber M2. 50, this robot crawler is able to track down his enemy whatever the land and autonomy announced for this robot could reach 24 hours.
Scorpio RS2 was developed by Howe & Howe technology on behalf of the ARDEC, U.S. Army Research Center. An amazing startup.

Howe & Howe Technologies, a startup in the amazing story

Le RS1-T2 Thermite, robot de lutte contre les incendies de Howe & Howe.

The RS1-T2 Thermite, robot fight fire by Howe & Howe.

The history of Howe and Howe Technologies is pretty amazing. These two brothers twin, DIY engineering themselves are illustrated in 1996 in tinkering a mobile scene from an old school bus to ensure their “Two Much Trouble” rock band concerts. After various achievements in wheels, the Howe brothers decide to design the fastest tracked vehicle in the world. The Ripsaw project is launched in 2001. It will participate in the Darpa Grand Challenge in 2005. Lack of means, the Howe brothers throw the sponge in the semifinals, but the Ripsaw is presented at the 2003 Washington auto show.


Latest creation dated brothers Howe, the terrifying robot Scorpion RS2.

ARDEC (Army Research Development Engineering Center) is interested to the project, and in 2006, Howe & Howe Technologies assembles an unmanned tank ARDEC (Army Research Development Engineering Center) which is then tested by the army American. The Howe twins are so young entrepreneurs awarded a contract from the US Defense. Therefore, they will create various tanks, bulldozer as a robot designed to fight the fire and even armor designed for Police forces.

Howe & Howe Technologies, a startup in the amazing story

Their imagination, very centered on tracked vehicles is fertile: it even invented a wheelchair tracked to provide persons with disabilities the joys of off-roading. One of their accomplishments even figured in the film G.I. Joe and the media that are interested very early in this duo. In addition to the multiple reports that they have been the subject, Geoff and Mike were the theme of their own reality show broadcast by Discovery Channel: “Black Ops Brothers, Howe and Howe Tech”.

Latest achievement as of Howe & Howe Technology on behalf of the ARDEC, Scorpio RS2. This armed robot, ultra mobile, is in line of the previous achievements of the startup. Video demonstration of this angry, very “Hollywood” robot, shows some of the capabilities of the robot. With the Howe twins, reality joined the fiction.

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