Security, the most important application of the ‘Smart Home’ for Americans

Camera-IPLowe’s, American DIY equipment distributor, has commissioned a survey of 2000 people over 18 years. These were classified equipment connected to the House they deem most useful. Unlike the french, this is not connected thermostat which is the most interesting trial connected object by the American, but surveillance systems. The survey also reveals that one-third of Americans are already willing to offer ‘Rosie the Robot’, the robot home of ‘The Jetsons’ cartoon and 16%… a jetpack!

Connected home: differing needs between french and American


Americans ready to equip their homes to ensure security (Source: Lowe’s)

According the Observatory Harris Interactive/EBG published at the beginning of the year, the most interesting for the french connected objects are the thermostat, the system of monitoring, water meters, gas and electricity, lamps and bulbs connected, the domotics box, the weather station. For the American, security is the need n ° 1, in front of the thermostat, then protection against fire and water damage. The Lowe’s study shows that there are some cultural differences towards objects connected.
These differences are even more marked when you ask the question to an American who owns a smartphone or a tablet. In terms of connected home, the ‘Smart Home’, it wishes to 44% to be able to remotely control their air conditioning system, front of the control of lighting, the coffee maker, or even out the dog, make sink shower, or even make it sound the alarm in the children’s room… Very pragmatic needs.
When an American arrives at his home, he would like his ‘Smart Home Sweet Home’ adjusts the temperature, turn on the lights, unlocks the door, and, why not, begins to heat the dishes in the kitchen. Of course the House must let in and out dogs and cats at their leisure. A lot of idea to grasp by the creators of startups of connected objects.

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Source : “Cost, Confidence and Convenience: Lowe’s Survey Reveals Americans’ Attitudes On the Smart Home”, Communiqué Lowe’s, August 27, 2014

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