Multitom Rax, a radiologist robot designed by Siemens

Siemens Multitom RaxRobots can sometimes take surprising forms and Multitom Rax just market Siemens is very far from a robot as was used to seeing.

Neither humanoid, or robotic, this medical robot arm resembles nothing more than a swing hung from the ceiling of a Radiology room. This however is actually a robot, a robot of a new hope, a RAX, for Robotic Advanced X – ray technology. A robot that can rotate around the patient and take x-rays in 3D.

Medical robots market already exceeds $ 1 billion

The two arms of Multitom Rax robot by Siemens.

The two arms of Multitom Rax robot by Siemens.

According to Siemens, Multitom Rax is the first double RAX robot, that is to say that it has a robotic arm that carries the x-ray tube Assembly and a second arm that carries the detector Panel 17 “x 17”. The purpose of such a device is to offer the greatest freedom of movement to stand over the patient without requiring it to change its position. The robot will be able to adapt to the size of the person. Multiple types of radios can be directed by the robot and programming track allows you to achieve radio in 3 dimensions

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued its agreement. Estimated at $ 1.3 billion by the IFR, the market of medical robots is enriched by a new type of robot. It will rub shoulders in this amazing bestiary exoskeletons, the robot for assisting the way Da Vinci surgery or arm robot neurosurgeon Rosa.

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Source : “Siemens Receives FDA Clearance for Multitom Rax Robotic X-ray System”, Siemens press release, November 29, 2015

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