Siemens Spiders, workers of the future?

Siemens-SpidersImagine a swarm of robots spiders trying to activate loom not a canvas, but the fuselage of an aircraft, the hull of a boat. It is the idea which has germinated in the brains of researchers at Siemens Corporate Technology Laboratory on the campus of Princeton.

Like their biological model, these spiders will be able to build large structures. A combination of robotics, biomimicry and 3D printing.

A swarm of robots spiders to print a large 3D structure

Siemens Robotics Lab/Princeton, New Jersey/USA

The first prototypes of robots SiSpis or Siemens Spiders in the research laboratories of Siemens in Princeton / Photo : Siemens Robotics Lab/Princeton, New Jersey/USA

Called SiSpis or Siemens Spiders, these spiders robots are still prototypes in laboratories of Siemens in Princeton, but it may be the builders of tomorrow. Created by the team of Livio Dalloro, these robots will be capable of operating in swarm, each with cameras and laser in order to find some by reports others and build a structure theoretically without size limit. Environmentalists in the SiSpis soul will be able to print a 3D structure by weaving a thread not plastic but composed of corn starch and sugar cane. Manage a swarm of tens of such robots carrying each a printhead on a construction site is a major challenge for engineers and researchers. Siemens release evokes no date for the availability of these workers of the future.

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