Construction: Skanska prepares for 3D printing

3DCPSkanska, the Swedish construction giant comes to forge a partnership with Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. A team of researchers has been working since 2007 on 3D printing. They have notably developed a robot to print 3D for concrete. At the end of this cooperation of 18 less, Skanska should commercialize the first 3D printer concrete for the construction industry. The construction sector is preparing to live to turn the revolution of 3D printing.

A 3DCP technology developed since 2007

Named 3DCP (for 3D Concrete Printing) by researchers, the technologies developed at Loughborough could become common on construction sites. Researchers are in the second generation of robot concrete printer, a machine that can print parts of several metres. Skanska, to whom we owe including the Tower The Gherkin in London or the MetLife Stadium in the United States, considers access to printers in concrete within 18 months.

An element of concrete printed with the robot developed at Loughborough.

An element of concrete printed with the robot developed at Loughborough.

In addition to researchers from Loughborough University, this project is being conducted with Partners Foster, Buchan Concrete, ABB and Lafarge Tarmac.
Among the advantages of printing 3D in the construction, in addition to shapes unobtainable through traditional means, but also the possibility of establishing of micro-factories of production of components concrete in the immediate vicinity of the building.
While multiple research teams seem to have developed these methods of 3D print of concrete, building houses Flash demonstrations multiply, especially in China, the giants of the BTP finally interested in 3D printing. It was time.

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Source :

“Partnership aims to develop 3D concrete printing in construction”, Communiqué de presse Skanska, November 24, 2014


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