Skynet reinvents the mailbox for UAVs

SkynetThe first images of projects of deliveries by drones from Amazon and Google showed a repository of packages either with a drone that arises in the garden of the recipient, or who files his charge at the end of a cable. Notoriously inadequate solutions to the urban environment. With its Skynet project, an engineer, Clinton Burchat, imagined a device that everyone benefit from such services delivery, same Sarah Connor whose apartment has no garden.

A project shortlisted for a “Drones for Good” award

The project is part of the 20 semi-finalists of the competition “Drones for Good” launched by the United Arab Emirates. Dubbed Skynet, it solves the problem of delivery of packages by drones. This engineer proposes a system of incorporating the principle of the basketball hoop installed on the balcony of the recipient mailbox. This ‘air’ mailbox is Geolocated by GPS at the time of its installation.
It is via this geolocation that the drone will be able to attend it. Of course, current GPS does not allow the drone to position itself with sufficient precision so that the package does not fall in a vacuum or in the box of the neighbor.

The secret of Skynet is in its positioning above the letter box system


Well positionned above the Inbox through the tags that it is equipped with, the drone can release his parcel.

As a first step, the drone will verify the identity of the recipient via a bar code placed on the box. It then goes on to reposition themselves precisely above the box thanks to marks placed at the four corners thereof. Finally, he drops his load and can return to its warehouse pick his next delivery package.
If the video demonstration is probative, the Skynet solution solves any problems posed by delivery by drone in urban areas, including how to avoid the streetlights, electric or telephone cables that streak still heaven in the suburbs or even competitors drones. Even bread on a Board for engineers.

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