Smart Home: Buying SmartThings, Samsung reply to Google

Smart-HomeSmartThings has officially announced its acquisition by Samsung. The talks had been committed at the beginning of the summer, and finally connected home specialist assigns to the advances of the Korean giant. SmartThings will join the Open Innovation Center Samsung group and its headquarters in Palo Alto. Samsung adds a new card to his game on the market of the ‘Smart Home’, the connected home, and endorse the developer community that was the strength of the American.

The “Smart Home”, primarily a battle of communities

The current range SmartThings is largely focused on the security of the home.

The current range SmartThings is largely focused on the security of the home.

Acquisitions continues on the objects connected to the home market. Google was the first to open fire with the shock of Nest acquisition and its intelligent thermostat last January, then that cameras monitoring Dropcam in June. 3.2 billion and $ 555 million, respectively. Samsung replicates with this acquisition of SmartThings. This direct competitor of Nest sells a series of connected objects ranging from alarm systems connected, electrical outlets can be controlled remotely, smart locks, etc. The TechCrunch site, specializing in the news of the startups, considers the transaction to $ 200 million, but the amount has not been officially release.
The value of SmartThings is perhaps not only in the product catalog, but in its community of developers. It would 5,000 developers and makers who develop new software and devices on the basis of what provides SmartThings. Their intent, the American offers including the SmartThings Shield for Arduino, a map of extension for one of the most popular cards from the makers. Remains to convince the community that Samsung will not swallow all grown SmartThings and preserve the openness of the platform.

The SmartThings community concerned about the arrival of Samsung


As the community of developers, Pugstopher, the mascot of the brand concerned the arrival of Samsung

Before the mostly negative reactions on the site of the brand, Alex Hawkinson the CEO of SmartThings, has had to take his Pilgrim’s staff and convince the community of the brand SmartThings will not relinquish its developers and will retain its autonomy of management and that its platform will remain open. This is the fix for Samsung: both to preserve this community, but also to converge all of its objects connected to the House to a platform common ‘Smart Home ‘. And these products are many, between cameras security, fridges, washing machine, dishwasher connected, robot vacuum cleaners, lighting LED, the task is more complicated than for a Google that can capitalize on the all-new API Nest as a pivot of its strategy “Smart Home”.

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