The Smartwatch, the favorite connected object of the french

Galaxy-GearAmazing study by Médiamétrie in December 2014. In its ‘Web Observatory’, research firm interviewed the french on connected objects they deem potentially the most interesting.
Surprise, while their sales are rather disappointing, that the first models on the market were still very limited, these are well connected watches which came top of the list, with 53% of respondents. It’s better than the smart, security systems. Highly mediatised augmented reality glasses are in 4th position, with 32% of the respondents.

Mediametrie - Connected Devices

Bracelets connected, whose sales in number constitute the bulk of the ‘wearables’ market, seem interesting than 30% of the french.
Other connected objects do not really seem to hold their attention. This is particularly the case of the appliance. The connected fridge interested only 26% of the french, the washing machine, only 10%.
The connected car, star of the media at the end of 2014 interest that 29% of respondents. Not sure that these modernized cars manage to bring the french to the car dealerships.

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Source : “The Internet of Things Makes Headway in France”, eMarketer, December 31, 2014

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