Smartwatch: How Pebble wants to counter the Apple Watch wave via 3D printing

Pebble TimeApple Watch, launched tomorrow, should be a global success… at least in the media. Tens of thousands of articles, tickets, reports and millions of reviews will be broadcast on all web sites, newspapers and TV channels in the coming days. Not simple for other connected watch manufacturers who will have much trouble to counter this wave media. The watch itself will know – it success at the height of the launches of the new iPhone or iPad or a simple success of esteem with the Apple fanboys? Difficult to say, but Apple has set up its first smartwatch to conquer this market still nascent.
Unable to compete with the giant of Cupertino, Pebble Technology deploys an original strategy. Faced with the closed model of Apple who wish to master its products from A to Z (and, let’s face it, has earned him an unprecedented success in the industry), his challenger on the opening: crowdfunding, technological opening, customization by 3D printing. A strategy to follow.

Facing Apple, Pebble placed on the opening

There is no doubt that in business schools, the course will deal with the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015 as a model of its kind. With all necessary leak information and false trails for months, or even years, to mount pressure and the desire among Apple fans and push, the day J, a ignite for the new gadget instantly become a social phenomenon as were the iPhone and iPad. Will Apple succeed his shot? Probably, but professors of marketing should also take a look at what (on a different scale, it is clear), rival Pebble.

With 2 levels of finish and 3 colors, Pebble can compete with hundreds of variations of the Apple Watch offered by Apple at its launch. But Pebble Time customizing is elsewhere...

With only 2 levels of finish and 3 colors, Pebble can compete with hundreds of variations of the Apple Watch offered by Apple at its launch. But Pebble Time customizing is elsewhere…

With crowdfunding on Kickstarter campaign, Peebles Technology has managed to raise more than 17 million from more than 67,000 people. A record so that one is still 18 days before the deadline and that the company did raise that $500,000 initially. Yet his new connected watch, Pebble Time, seems modest compared to the Apple Watch. His major innovation over previous models, it is a screen e-Paper color with a resolution of only 144 x 168 in 64 colors, no what scare Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Yet Pebble has managed to sell more than 1 million of its previous models face of Samsung, LG, Sony technically far superior smartwatch\r. And yet Pebble Technology has solid assets. The price. There are Pebble watches from 160 euros. In addition, autonomy is given for 7 days, where all Android watches are struggling to overcome the day. The constructor has understood where was its advantages. Its new Peeble Time will be offered at $200 and should it also display a range of 7 days, precisely through this E-Paper screen. In addition, Pebble ensures backward compatibility of 6,500 applications and available for its earlier models facades. The manufacturer considers to be able to rely on a community of 26,000 developers.

The Pebble Time smartstraps to add new sensors to the watch's base.

The Pebble Time smartstraps to add new sensors to the watch’s base.

In addition, if it were possible to change the strap of his Pebble smartwatch\r without change of watch, Pebble Time introduces a new feature “smart accessory port”, a device which will allow to add sensors to the watch via small connectors in the fixing of the bracelet. Pebble Technology book plans its smartstraps, an example of electronic circuit to operate this new capability to watch her. The SDK will be enriched this real expansion bus support in the coming months.
3D files are provided by Pebble so users can print in 3D or modify the parts proposed in order to customize their Time Pebble. This could see Assembly more or less distant from the original purpose of this Pebble Time connected watch.
Between Apple and Pebble Tehcnology, these are two visions of the industry competing on the market of the connected watch. What and approach the most innovative? Maybe not the one who will triumph in the short term.

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