Video of the week: the humanoid soldiers of ECA Group

Manufacturers of drones and robots for security forces, ECA Group has delivered a video on his design of the robot of the future for the army. Finished robots way Big Dog by Boston Dynamics or “Banda Rob” of Effidence, robot soldier of the future will be a humanoid. In this video, seen follow a soldier patrol, bearing for them doc, boxes of ammunition bags and even a drone. Not armed but with optronic heads, the bots are able to alert patrol if a hostile is spotted nearby.

This video echoes stake and partnership woven between ECA Group and Wandercraft, manufacturer of exoskeletons medical vocation. The expenditure may be a new promising market for the startup of Orsay, near Paris.


Source : “ECA Group’s vision of Humanoid Robotics”, ECA Group press release, November 6 2015

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