Spread to robotize its «salads plant»

Spread30,000 salads per day, that is the goal that the Japanese Spread is set for the construction of its new plant in Kelhanna. Japanese has designed what he calls a Vegetable Factory. Salads grow above ground, on shelves where they are fed via a nutritious liquid. The air is conditioned, artificial light and water is recycled to 98% in the system. Until today, 50 employees of the factory produced 21,000 salads per day. Soon, they will be 2 times less likely to produce 30,000.

Spread wants to build a hydroponic plant run by robots

Fans of organic food, go your way! The Japanese Spread openly is an industrialist whose sole product, salad. The process was industrialized excessive production. Kameoka plant book already 21,000 salads every day. It employs 50 people. According to figures issued by the manufacturer, producing vegetables factory is much greener than in the traditional way, in a greenhouse… figures in support. It needs 0.825 l water and 1, 75Kw to grow salad against 10,725 in traditional agriculture.Spread Vegetal FactoryValues that the Japanese hope to improve significantly in the new factory that they hoped to build in mid-2016. With a surface of 3,500 m2, it is designed to deliver 30,000 lettuce per day, or… nearly 11 million salads a year! When it comes into production, Kizugawa, near Kyoto, only 25 people will be employed in a facility that will be largely automated. Humans will always ensure the initial phases of the process, including the establishment of seeds (should we still say plant?), germination and then packaging and shipping. Robots will provide everything else, is to say to grow lettuce, transplant them, monitor the shoot then harvest.

This automation, to an advanced recycling water, but also through the use of a new LED lighting, Japanese hopes to decrease 30% energy costs per head of lettuce, to halve the cost of labor while reducing the initial investment of 25%. 0.11 l water and 1, 2Kw of power to grow a salad, it is Spread bet with this new hydroponic plant. Agriculture of the future?

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