Deliveries: if the robots took speed drones…

Starship-Delivery-RobotAs Google, Amazon, key global postal services and some sellers of pizzas are all working on future services delivery by drones, an Estonian startup offers a radically different approach. Imagined by the creators of Skype, Starship Technologies offers a small delivery to roulette robot that moves on the sidewalks.

Quite simply.

The delivery robot, a possible solution for the “Last Mile”

In the world of deliveries that Skype to done in the telecom sector, is the credo of Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, the founders of Starship technology. Them who took part in the adventure Skype offer so a new approach to the delivery of parcels for the ‘Last Mile’, this last always complicated to manage and particularly expensive logistics segment.
Starship-Technologies-F-ConceptThe small 6-wheeled robot designed by the Baltic startup is therefore capable of transporting a package between the point of sale or a logistics node and the client. The chest of the robot unlocks when the customer confirms that he is before the robot via the mobile application. of modest size, the robot moves a few km/h only. It can therefore borrow sidewalks, an approach that blew a lot of constraints in terms of security but that also limits the range of action and its payload capacity. The robot is designed for journeys less than 30 minutes. In such conditions, its designers announce a cost of delivery of $1.54.

Less energy-consuming and no doubt more secure than a drone, the robot could well prove more effective, particularly in urban areas. Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis had the right idea at the right time? If their robot keeps its promises, they might well repeat the brilliant operation that they had succeeded in selling Skype to eBay. The first pilot deployment is scheduled for 2016.

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