Automotive engineers studying bionic structures for future cars

EDAG-Light-CocoonEngaged in a race to the reduction of the weight of their cars in order to lower their consumption, automakers are perhaps going to have recourse to bioinspirees structures. It is in any case the bet of EDAG Engineering AG. The German, who works for all major automobile manufacturers, including BMW, Daimler, Ford, PSA, Renault or… Bugatti, present its concept as «EDAG Light Cocoon” at the Geneva 2015 show in March. Its structure inspired openly that of a leaf, and its surface is directed also lightweight material that the cigarette paper. The future of cars?

3D printing is going to unleash the imagination of designers

Présenté au Salon de Genève 2014, le concept EDAG Genesis était encore assez éloignée de l'automobile telle qu'on la connait.

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, the FSGA Genesis concept was still quite a distance from the car as it knows. This concept yet prefigured the ‘Light Cocoon”2015.

Bionic structures will revolutionize engineering in the years to come. Aerospace, construction and automobile today, many sectors are interested. The gradual rise of the 3D industry printing will be shattering the way it manufactures many products. The way in which it conceived also. EDAG with its concept car called Light Cocoon should demonstrate it at the Geneva Motor Show. For the time being, the German has not delivered many details on its demonstrator. He has not yet delivered its bioinspiree frame weight and did not specify if it is calculated to spend a Euro NCAP crash-test with a motor and its equipment. The only detail mentioned in the announcement is that the structure is interfaced by a waterproof fabric density does not exceed 19 g/m2, equivalent to the longer end cigarette paper.
Go to Geneva in March 2015 to see if this «EDAG Light Cocoon» concept really takes the road.

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