Video of the week: Surena III, the humanoid who comes from Iran

We know little about the Iranian research in robotics program, however Tehran University has just published some pictures on its humanoid robot project, the Surena. It is a platform Robotics dedicated to the research on which the Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) is working since 2008. 70 researchers from 6 Iranian universities are involved in this ambitious project.

While the Surena II resembled the famous Asimo, this third generation is more imposing, with 1 m 90 in height and 98 Kg on the scale. Each leg has 6 degrees of freedom, each arm has 7, and, if it is not as fast its small Japanese rival, that is enough for the humanoid come from Persia to walk, climb stairs, grasp objects. Running the numbers operating system, this robot is able to identify humans facing him and mimic their movements. In addition, it features voice knowledge.

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3 generations of Humanoids Surena of Tehran University.

3 generations of Humanoids Surena of Tehran University.

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