Intelligent systems: On target for the trillion


According to the latest figures published by IDC, the market of intelligent systems will reach this year 1.4 billion unit, s for a turnover of $ 755 million worldwide. In 2019, this market will be 2.2 billion units valued at more than 1,000 billion dollars.

By intelligent system, IDC has objects with a microprocessor, network connectivity and an operating system, excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones. It is therefore from the top of the basket of objects connected and which will represent in the final quarter of the embedded systems market representing 8.5 billion objects.

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Source : “Intelligent Systems to Exceed $1 Trillion in 2019 as the Market Continues to Disrupt Traditional Industries Including Manufacturing, Energy, and Transportation, According to IDC”, IDC Press Release, October 16, 2014

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