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Called M77232917, the number discovered by Jonathan Pace, a Fedex employee is not only the largest prime number existing, but it is also the 50th first_number of Mersenne, i. e. a prime number that has the form 2p-1. The number Lire la suite

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The challenge is up! High-flying engineers, mad inventors and daredevils are on the starting line to win the GoFly Prize. This challenge, essentially financed by Boeing, promises Jetpack’s top designers $2 million. The participants have two years to design the Lire la suite

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A few weeks ago, Airbus helped by Local Motors launched a challenge designers to drones. They should create plans for an electric drone of less than 25 kg capable of carrying a load of drugs of 5 kg for 60 Lire la suite

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Airbus has set new record in this area. Crowdsourcing campaign aimed at creating a drone of transport comes to collect 423 entries, a record on the Local-Motors platform that hosted the challenge. It’s better than the BMW Urban Driving Experience Lire la suite

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While automakers is alarmed at the lack of obvious interest of new generations for the car, IBM interviewed 16,000 people to know what waits for the most public of the car today. A study reassuring for manufacturers since 86% of Lire la suite

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Everyone knows today Local Motors for his car printed 3D project, LM3D Swim. Nevertheless, Local Motors, it is much more than that. The Builder was created in 2007 by John B. Rogers, a former Marine, to reinvent the automotive industry. Lire la suite

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Startup America, INRIX offers motorists a crowdsource traffic information service. Nothing very new formula has made the fortune of the designers of Waze. On the same niche, INRIX offers its service since 2004. In addition to traffic, parking spaces, a Lire la suite

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It was during the next International Manufacturing & Technology Show in Chicago which will be held next September that Local Motors will unveil the prototype of its project The 3D Printed Car. Launched a few months ago, this project aims Lire la suite

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