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The idea for this robotic kit was born in IBM Research’s labs. Known as TJBot, named after IBM’s first president Thomas J. Watson, it is a kit designed to illustrate how IBM Watson artificial intelligence can be embedded. This cardboard Lire la suite

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Will your first stand-alone car be “Made in China”? In any case Baidu accelerates its development strategy in order to catch Google, Uber, Tesla and Apple. After publishing its automated software in Open Source and then signed some fifty partnership Lire la suite

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the automotive sector has literally taken by storm the CES in Las Vegas, including Renault. Carlos Ghosn, Chief Executive of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, hosted a keynote and if Renault unveiled a concept as revolutionary for the 2017 edition, the manufacturer Lire la suite

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IDC has just delivered his predictions of the market developments of the Internet of objects or rather the markets of the Internet of objects. Wearables, embedded systems, smart cities, the Internet of objects group indeed pretty separate markets. However analysts Lire la suite

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The game of alliances continues around the platforms for the smart home. This time, it’s the Swiss giant ABB, Robert Bosch and Cisco coming to announce the creation next to a joint venture to develop an Open Source software platform. Lire la suite

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At Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Düsseldorf the DroneCode project has been unveiled by the Linux Foundation. This Open Source project will be totally totally dedicated to UAVs and his community developments in the piloting software PX4 from the University Lire la suite

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« All Our Patent Are Belong To You ». Elon Musk, l’entrepreneur star américain et fondateur de Tesla Motors, a le sens de la formule et, plus rare, joint les actes aux paroles. Le constructeur automobile autorise la communauté à exploiter Lire la suite

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