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Exploration diving just as space exploration involves long robots. Nevertheless the Humanoids are still rare. Designed by researchers at Stanford University, OceanOne is the first of its kind. This humanoid has been imagined to explore seabed in virtual reality. The Lire la suite

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the image went around the net in seconds. Posted by Mark Zuckerberg, it shows to go on the big stage of the Mobile World Congress for the Samsung presentation. The hearing, more than 5,000 people, is fully equipped with virtual Lire la suite

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The idea may seem incongruous. Transform a plane in its own Simulator, this is what a Nasa research team has just in the United States. The pilot settled into the cockpit, recovering from the virtual reality goggles and takes the Lire la suite

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What virtual reality glasses and 3D displays 3D content? In addition to video games, little content are available for display in true immersive 3D, IE where the user may freely choose his point of view in 3D scenes. In addressing Lire la suite

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If virtual reality has found its place on the market company, if all teens (and many others) now play 3D games, it is clear the failure of virtual reality and augmented public reality. The concepts are well known, but move Lire la suite

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The processing power is a thorny aspect of virtual reality, including for eyewear designers. This is the key to a good immersion condition in the virtual world. If the onboard power is insufficient to display the 3D scene, latency, that Lire la suite

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Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. L’une des tables rondes organisées cette année Lire la suite

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Some remember maybe Eliza, a software robot with which you could exchange a few phrases in text mode. With its pre-programmed questions and a lot of expression all do like “I understand,” this software created in the 1960s and which Lire la suite

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It must now be part of the landscape of St Nazaire. The chantiers de l’Atlantique «very Grand portico» is the largest production in Europe. Installed in 2013, it weighs 5,000 tons, measuring 144 m and may raise a 1,400 tonnes Lire la suite

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Audi continues the digital transformation. Always anxious to deploy multimedia solutions in its dealerships, Audi will provide its sellers of virtual reality goggles. They will be able to show their customers the models and options not available. The German manufacturer Lire la suite

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