Australian researchers learn to speak to drones

RMITOne day, there will be carrying big drones that carry goods and possibly passengers. Researchers are already working on the integration of these devices without pilot in air traffic.
It is a project led by researchers from the Australian University RMIT, Thales Australia and its Centre for Advanced Studies in Air Traffic Management (CASIA), as well as UFA Inc. The first results of their work are rather disturbing. Using speech synthesis developed by UFA, the drone is able to formulate to the air traffic controller course or altitude change requests and especially understand the response of the controller. Conversely, the robot plane will comply with the orders of the latter if it ordered a diversion. For the air traffic controller, the drone becomes one plane as another.

CASIASource : “Talking drone offers aviation safety boost”, RMIT University press release, February 27, 2015

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