Connected objects: to the best of the worlds?

Meilleur-des-mondesConnected objects will change our lives. They will improve our health, will ensure that our fridge is still completed, meet our slightest wishes. Other side of the coin, they will know all of us, to habits, our movements. Some, like Amazon and Netatmo offer already that we have microphones and cameras at home. Those who see it as an unacceptable intrusion to our privacy, a new wearable will thrill you. By 2015, the American Thync plans to launch by 2015 a wearable out of the ordinary: it aims to control your mood.

A wearable connected to the brain

thync app

What mood will you be today? You choose via the Thync application.

This could appear to be a hoax and yet the application was demonstrated during these 2015 or she won the trophy ‘Cool Tech 2015″, after having been presented at the Web Summit 2014. The Thync application will be indeed marketed this year. It implements stimulation trans-cranienne to disseminate in the brains of the sound frequencies stimulate or soothe the mood of its wearer. The founder of Thync States rely on research in neuroscience to create its application. A speech strong enough to have convinced Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, to invest 13 million from $ adventure via his background of capital risk Khosla Ventures.
Effective or steps, tests made then of these are somewhat divided on the effectiveness of this ‘wearable ‘. One thing is certain: the next object connected, it will be human beings.

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