Video of the week: TIM, the weird robot who watches over the LHC

The Cern released this week of a device dedicated to surveillance of the 27 km of the great ring of the LHC, a small robot named TIM. It has no wheels, legs or track to move in this underground, he uses the monorail service, a rail placed at the ceiling of the tube and used until then by the technicians to move and bring tools necessary to the maintenance of the particle accelerator. Suspended from the ceiling of the tube, TIM looks like has a small train which moves automatically, slows down in the run-up to the partitions, the time that the passage opens, then continued his task of real-time monitoring, tirelessly.
cern-timThe robot is equipped with a conventional camera coupled with an infrared camera, but also many sensors allowing him to make a complete record of the environment throughout the LHC. Measure ambient radioactivity, in the rate of oxygen, temperature and the quality of the network, all these data are transmitted in real-time central. 2 robots TIM share oversight of the accelerator at a speed that does not exceed the 6 km/h.
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Source : “Meet TIM, the LHC tunnel’s robot”, CERN release, November 25, 2016

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