Video of the week: Presentation of the Toyota Concept-i on the CES 2017

Presented at the CES in Las Vegas, the Toyota Concept-i looks like probably the car as Apple could market. The Japanese manufacturer has equipped its concept because a Futurism aesthetic but innovations together in this “concept because” are all digital. Body screen, embedded artificial intelligence, the goal of the car manufacturer is to make the “friendly” car. Probably a way to seduce “Millenials” who turn away mass automotive.

An AI to make the car more friendly

Editing 2017 of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the CES, was marked by the strong presence of automakers and their suppliers. All must ensure the public of their technological advance in the areas of the connected car and the autonomous car.

among the “concept cars” presented in Las Vegas, this one Toyota is probably the most attractive. Indeed, the world number one in automotive made its efforts not to make this independent car (optionally Hilux) not not more efficient, more economical or more endurance, but more friendly. This Concept-i has a body screen that displays various information of conduct, including cars that will follow the Concept-i on the road, it allows especially make this car fun and, in a way, more human. This worries can also be found on the inside where the artificial intelligence of a car materializes not with the scary red eye of HAL in 2001 the Space Odyssey, but a white eye leaping, eminently fun and playful. By making the autonomous car, car manufacturers will allow the Millenials to continue to use their digital devices during their journeys without having to drive. With the gamification and artificial intelligence, maybe they will learn to love the car again.

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