Toyota unveils its autonomous car concept: Mobility Teammate

Rather discrete when his research on the autonomous car, Toyota has just posted a video that delivers the clocks at the time. Unveiled in 2013 at these 2013, its autonomous car has well advanced in 2 years. After tests carried out in the States – Unisa Ann Arbor, tests conducted in Tokyo, Toyota had unveiled a stand-alone Lexus more advanced during the ITS World Congress in Detroit in 2014. This year, the concept evolves with what the Japanese now named a companion of mobility, Mobility Teammate.

Millimeter radar, Lidar, and cameras, the recipes used by Toyota on his autonomous car are the same as those applied by other manufacturers. In this video very “marketing”, it is difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction the Lexus presented enjoys a high level of integration of its camera, its 6 lidar and radar. The same that no equipment drags in the cockpit. The video evokes a car capable of change port only to keep its safety distances, of doubling. Toyota also refers to a “collective intelligence”, i.e. a Cloud service from help to the car. When larger scale of this prototype testing?

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Source : “JAPAN: Toyota starts testing automated driving”, Just-Auto, 9 octobre 2015

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