Toyota tries removable digital tablet on the dashboard

Toyota TISToyota has just made the official announcement. The manufacturer will fit its Toyota Vios and Yaris sold in Taiwan digital shelves. A tablet on a dashboard, nothing exceptional in this, except that it is a Nexus 7 Android tablet, and it is removable. Called Toyota Intelligent System, this entertainment system onboard a new type is based on a Nexus 7 tablet created by Asus and its subsidiary Unimax created specifically for Toyota. It is therefore not an Android tablet any, but if the initiative meets success with Taiwanese drivers, cars will have made a significant step towards the “consumerization”.

The removable shelf, really good idea or gimmick?

First Nexus 7 tablet integrated in the Toyota IQ dashboard in 2013.

First Nexus 7 tablet integrated in the Toyota IQ dashboard in 2013.

In the 70s, drivers went to the restaurant with their removable car radio in one hand, their leather bag in the other. His alter-ego of the twenty-first century may be the digitizer will of his car with him. Toyota is going to launch the concept in Taiwan, the removable tablet computer acting as the interface of the vehicle entertainment system. The approach was tested in 2013 when a fleet of Toyota IQ electric dedicated to the visit of the Sun-Moon Lake had been fitted with the tablet. Apparently the Japanese manufacturer has tried this test conclusive enough to start marketing the island.

Toyota Vios and Yaris to be equipped, but only in Taiwan

The official presentation of the system Toyota Intelligent System ...

The official presentation of the system Toyota Intelligent System … in the purest tradition of car launches.

The tablet is produced by Unimax, a subsidiary of Asustek, it is a classic Android tablet, a Nexus 7, with its screen 7 ‘, a quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 processor and a handy 4G connection. It has navigation application, music streaming, a user interface that allows it to be manipulated by the driver or passenger. Finally, the user can connect their smartphone to the system board via NFC. Toyota unveiled a Vios equipped with a removable shelf at the official launch, a Yaris should follow. This market is for the moment limited to 2 models and the island of Taiwan only. A launch so relatively small for the world’s leading manufacturer. The Japanese will go there later on success and he will extend this new approach to the world?

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