Activity trackers arrive in the enterprise!

WristbandEveryone now knows the trackers activity, these little bracelets that measure your connected all day long activity. These “wearables” used to motivate people to show a little more physical activity, aid in weight loss or for athletes measure their performance. This is useful, if one is effective but if motivated, rather than a personal decision, it was your employer asked you to wear would bring this tracker? Imagine the reaction of the French unions if the HRD of a French company taking the initiative. In Anglo-Saxon, it is only natural that the company cares about the health of its employees. Thus, “Technology to replenish the modern worker”, is the slogan of Virgin Pulse. The company Richard Branson already has 250 corporate clients, including BP, and puts 2 million employees happy.

Richard Branson, the employee health depends on the health of the business

Exercise, sleep, nutrition and stress, the employee will see the data stored on the platform and thus contribute to the challenges posed by the business.

Exercise, sleep, nutrition and stress, the employee will see the data stored on the platform and thus contribute to the challenges posed by the business.

Your employees are tired in the morning, demotivated, stressed and productivity suffers? This is surely not the fault of the social plans that are conducted every two years. No doubt that your employees do not get enough sleep, do not drink enough water, eat too much fat and do not exercise enough. Chinese companies like stimulate their staff with collective gym sessions in the course of the factory, in the West we have a lot more modern, the “wearables.” Virgin Pulse model is to encourage companies to distribute bracelets connected to their staff. Physical activity, sleep, meals, drinks, stress, everything is recorded via the bracelet and mobile. For his part, the employer has an interface where he will notably be able to issue challenges to its employees. The focus is on the gamification to stimulate participation in these challenges with rankings between departments, between countries.


The company can launch challenges to its employees since the backoffice Virgin Pulse.

Fitbit, Jawbone and Endomondo publisher set up offers “corporate” for businesses. This market is led to explode, at least in the English-speaking world. Virgin Pulse comes up and a record $ 92 million. A study conducted for Kronos, time and HR management solution editor shows that 73% of adults surveyed would consider the “wearables” as beneficial in the context of their work. This does not pose a privacy issue for 31% of Americans. Another study commissioned by CornerStone, HR solutions provider in the cloud is even more enthusiastic. 80% of respondents would be willing to wear the bracelet connected to their business and deliver their data. 67% of them would do so in exchange for a 5% bonus, 57% against a reduction in their health insurance costs, 36% reduction in their gym.

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