A 3D replica of Palmyra arches will be erected in London and New York

Trafalgar Square3D printing against barbarism. IDA (Institute of Digital Archaeology), Joint Institute of the University of Oxford, Harvard University and the Museum of the Future in Dubai has installed one of the arches destroyed Palmyra in Trafalgar Square in London as well as in New York. IDA led a large campaign of digitisation of cultural heritage in this region frequently embroiled in the fighting. A 3D heritage that now allows to reconstruct one of the missing arches waiting to rebuild maybe one day the building in-situ.

The 3D to digitally save threatened heritage

The Institute of archaeology digital (IDA) is specialized in the conservation of the architectural heritage world thanks to digital imaging and 3D printing. Among his significant initiatives, IDA has partnered with Unesco to distribute 5000 3D camera in the conflict zones in the Middle East so that volunteers can scan the maximum of books and historical sites to at least digitally save these assets of mankind. The idea is to be able to reconstruct through printing everything that the war can destroy.

Temple of Bel - Palmyra

L’arche du temple de Bel tel qu’il est sauvegardé en 3D dans la base de données de l’IDA.

The database of one million images (“the million-image database”) that wishes to constitute the IDA is potentially a way to reconstruct his works but also numerical tool for archaeologists who can no longer go to dangerous areas.

Site of Palmyra, being destroyed in the fanatics of ISIS is an excellent illustration of the approach since it is one of the destroyed arches of the Temple of Bel, which will be reconstructed thanks to its 3D model saved by IDA. The Ark will be printed in 3D and then erected on Trafalgar Square in London and then in New York. A highly symbolic gesture of protest against the atrocities of the Islamic State, but also a wonderful tribute to the archaeologist to Khaled Assaad, the archaeologist of 82 years that ensured this Roman site for 50 years and who was beheaded last August.


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