Video of the week: UPS testing deliveries by drone in Florida

UPS comes to proof of delivery by drone from one of its famous Brown vans. The operation took place in Lithia, small town in Florida. This demonstration is done through the truck/drone system developed by the company Workhorse, a manufacturer of hybrid and electric truck. This system must be able to operate in stand-alone mode, without the driver have to fly the drone Horsefly. This one is loaded via a trap door then flies out of the roof of the van to steal until the recipient of the parcel and then return to land on the van. The idea is to robotics last km of delivery, one that is more costly for the carrier.
According to the release of UPS, save 1 mile per day at each of its 66,000 deliverymen will save more than 50 million dollars a year to the American. The drone to allow the carrier to conduct a classic delivery while the drone produced a second at the same time. The Horsefly drone is able to carry a load of 0.45 kg and can hold air 30 minutes.

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Source: < a href = “ & id=1487687844847-162″> “UPS Residential Delivery Via Drone Launched From atop Package because Tests”, press UPS, release February 21, 2017 “

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