BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha collaborate on the connected bike

BMW Motorrad

Bosses of BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha hand in hand, this is an image that will make you smile more than a biker.

This amazing scene took place at the ITS World Congress of Bordeaux, October 6. While media lingered on demonstrations of more or less autonomous cars, the 3 giants of the bike achieved an agreement to accelerate the development of the bike connected. The bikers will no longer have to wait until 2020 to transform their Steed in connected object.

A cooperation between manufacturers to speed up the agenda of the connected motorcycle

The agreement sealed between BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France.

While the agreement signed in 2014 by members of ACEM (Association European of constructors Moto) provided for a deployment of the adjoining motorcycle by 2020, three of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles finally put the handle in the corner to accelerate things.

Karl Viktor Schaller of BMW Motorrad, Tetsuo Suzuki from Honda and Yamaha’s Takaaki Kimura announced this agreement intended to implement in Exchange V2V and V2I (Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure) capacity bikes. They have proposed other manufacturers to join them in this cooperation in order to accelerate the arrival of the C – ITS (for Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems) technologies on the series bikes as soon as possible.

The maon objectif of these technologies is to improve security on roads. The biker can therefore receive messages emitted by automobiles announcing a snap or a plate of ice a few kilometres more far. Same thing with the data issued by the road infrastructure. On its screen, the bike will display messages emitted by the fire, level crossings, etc. as the driver of a big sedan available on its dashboard. The communiqué also refers to specific scenarios designed for motorcycle which, despite the illuminated lighthouse, are less visible and especially a problem in the driver of car as it comes to assess their relative speed.

Honda et Yamaha participaient déjà au test européen Drive C2X des technologies ITS.

Honda and Yamaha are already taking part on the european program of ITS technologies : Drive C2X.

According to the advanced figure in the press release, it is a key factor in 70% of accidents… With the V2V, the motorist could see on his screen a message announcing the presence of a biker in a dangerous area, including the arrival on an intersection where visibility is poor.

Implement these solutions of communication poses many problems as motorcycle manufacturers must resolve. Firstly, they have to design very compact boxes on motorcycles where the square is counted, and carefully place the antennas on motorcycles by definition devoid of roof. They will also have to develop software which take account of the very specific trajectories taken by bikers. New algorithms to invent to create an ‘electronic visibility’ lacking both bikes on the classic route.

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