V2V: 10.000 connected vehicules to run in the streets of New York

NYCMore than radar or hardening of the Highway Code, the United States rely on technology to reduce the number of road accidents. Among the tracks currently being studied, communication technology between vehicles (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I). After an initial experiment conducted in Ann Harbor, Michigan, $ 42 million just been released to conduct a large-scale test in New York, Wyoming and Tampa, Florida.

The V2V could prevent 80% of collisions among vehicles

If every car, every truck and every bus can communicate with other vehicles when traffic congestion, accidents many of collision and congestion could be avoided. This is the position of the US Department of Transportation wants to eventually that every new vehicle is equipped with V2V communication equipment (Vehicle to Vehicle), as well as infrastructure such as traffic lights, stoppages buses will also be equipped to allow such exchanges V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure).CV-PilotExperts estimate that 80% of collisions be avoided through this exchange of information widespread and significant effects are expected in the regulation of traffic and in reducing CO2 emissions.

The first large-scale test was conducted in 2012 near Chicago, in the small town of Ann Harbor. Almost 3000 vehicles were so equipped.

By unlocking $ 42 million, the US Department of Transportation now to the next level. Rural State, Wyoming will allow to validate the interest of V2V and V2I the approach to an important logistics corridor. East-West, Interstate 80 is used by vehicles 11000-16000 every day. The communications equipment will follow closely the intense traffic logistics.

NYC-V2VA Tampa, Florida, is in the city center that technology will be tested to protect pedestrians. Residents will be able to install an application on their smartphones that will allow to be geolocated by surrounding vehicles. A vehicle equipped V2V dampen automatically in an emergency if a pedestrian is likely to be hit.

Finally, it is in New York that the biggest deployment will take place. 10,000 vehicles in the city will be equipped for buses, limousines and cars. In parallel, the traffic lights located between 14th and 66th streets in Manhattan to Brooklyn will be equipped, as the expressway Franklin Roosevelt.

This deployment is part of a larger program “Smart Cities” initiated by the White House which has a budget of $ 160 million and covers 25 technology projects.

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