Vehicle to vehicle communications: the United States speed up

V2VThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, federal authority in charge of the highways in the Transportation Department American has announced that the United States will accelerate the deployment of communications between vehicles equipment in cars and trucks that run on American roads.
Then Europe to regrowth to 2018 the dissemination of call eCall, a yet much simpler system, the NHTSA button accelerated the original timetable, which provided for the deployment of the so-called the V2V (for Vehicle to Vehicle) in 2016. the United States will propose a law by the end of the year 2015 to launch equipment V2V deployment. Objective: prevent 600,000 collisions between vehicles annually and save 1,000 lives.

Les voitures commercialisées aux Etats-Unis bientôt équipées de boîtiers V2VCars sold in the United States soon with housings V2V

A driver loses control of his vehicle on an icy road . Hidden by the fog , the vehicle is struck by a second , a third . What was only an incident turns pileup . when the driver of the first vehicle is experiencing a problem, the situation could prevent all vehicles passing nearby. It is precisely the object of V2V technologies. Each car equipped with a WiFi box can exchange information with other vehicles, as well as with road infrastructure.
For such a system has a significant efficacy on the scale of a country such as the United States, fleet must be quickly fitted with these enclosures V2V. This is what wants to happen the NHTSA quickly for all new vehicles sold in the U.S. be equipped with such equipment.

Source : “Pushing V2V forward, modernizing regulatory framework aimed at speeding up technologies that can save lives, reduce crashes”, Communiqué NHTSA, Mai 13, 2015

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