2015, the year of the smart clothes, finally?

Ralph-Lauren---US-OpenIt’s been years that we talk about. Intelligent garment whose tissue is able to listen to the beating of your heart, detect your stress level or analyze your movements always faced with the costs of returns, to the complexity of implementation, but also the limits of the technique. On Wikipedia, there is even a nice term for this, the fibretronique. Not yet mature technology, lack of market, the nice idea has never really had success until today. With the rise of smartphones, the success of the ‘Quantified Self’ movement and technology which finally seems to go, things could change quickly. Ralph Lauren has market swimsuits connected by 2015 and the American could be followed by many other brands.

Wearable Computing in the strictest sense


The essential iOS application that will be delivered with the Tech’s Ralph Lauren Polo.

The famous clothing brand with a polo player as logo wanted a shot at the US Open. Ralph Lauren presented his Tech Polo, a connected T-Shirt. In fact, no tennis star will wear the T-Shirt connected during the competition but only a few collectors ball set a certain Marcos Giron, who must train with on a school… Not very glorious for the prestigious brand. However the announcement was made and the Tech Polo unveiled. These T-Shirt connected are in the final stage of development and will be commercialized in 2015.
Ralph Laurent has partnered with OMsignal a startup that is developing the biometric T-Shirt technology. Wiring and sensors are integrated into the fabric. They feed a small removable casing, the ‘module data’ that transmits data to your smartphone via Bluetooth the.
Technology is at the venue and on the side of smartphone, the arrival of the Apple Healthkit on iOS 8 will probably generate strong media coverage and bringing a large number of applications. Ralph Lauren will be by the only brand to offer a T-Shirt connected by 2015.

Multiple providers of technology in the competition


LThe connected Jersey D-Shirt of the french Cityzen science.

A french is in this race, Cityzen Sciences. It is a consortium formed by an industrial electronics Eolane, group Payen, a manufacturer of wire, Telecom Bretagne and CycleLab, a network of distributor of cycles. The french chose to position itself on the market of professional sports and amateur with a nice skewer of partners, such as the Asvel, Saint-Etienne football team, Stade Toulousain and team basketball of the pays d’Aix.
Last pretender dated, the Israeli Drug Mart has also developed a rival textile technology of OMsignal. The Israeli that is positioned both on the market of sport, wellness but also the medical sector, book a little more details on its technology. 3-15 sensors can be incorporated into a garment data can be stored up to 72 hours.
Finally, last May the Intel research teams unveiled a draft T-Shirt connected when the Conference Ranco Code Palos Verdes in may 2014. Called Smart shirt, Jersey requires, just like the T-Shirt of OMSignal, a small box that stores and relays the data to the smartphone by Bluetooth or WiFi.
Rendez-vous in 2015 to try the first connected jerseys sold on a large scale.

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