Video of the week : The ” origami ” robots of EPFL

They weigh only a few grams , are bendable but can walk, jump , robots ” origami ” of
ETH Lausanne somewhat surprising . These are the brainchild of researchers reconfigurable robotics laboratory Jamie Paik .
These origami robots or have robogami were unveiled at the conference Intelligent Robots and Systems ( IROs ) . About the size of a coin of 20 centimes ( Swiss ) , impossible for these robots to implement electric motors to move. The secret of EPFL researchers , is to use shape memory alloys to provide a driving force . Among available SMA (shape memory alloy), researchers chose a Titanium / Nickel alloy. Heated by an electric current these ” muscles ” Artificial come into play .

Two Tribots surrounding another type of robogami from the Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory. © Alain Herzog - EPFL

Source : “A folding robot weighing 4 grams that crawls and jumps”, EPFL press release, September 28, 2015

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