Video of the week: the amazing trajectory of the JUICE Jupiter probe

in June 2022, the European Space Agency will launch a probe bound for Jupiter, or rather to destination of its moons. This one, called JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer), must explore the volcanic moon Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto Ice Moon. It takes 3.5 years to probe to reach Jupiter and it’s based on the gravity of the Earth, Venus, then March to reach its target.
The flight plan devised by ESA engineers will be 5 key steps:

  • Overview of the Terra at a distance of 12,700 km in may 2023,
  • Overview of Venus to 9,500 km in October 2023,
  • Overview of the Earth to 1.950 km in September 2024,
  • Overview of March at 1,100 km in February 2025,
  • Overview of the Earth to 3,700 km in November 2026,
  • Arrival in orbit of Jupiter in October 2029

Source : “JUICE’s journey to Jupiter”, Communiqué de l’ESA, 7 mars 2017

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