Video of the week: OceanOne, the first scuba diver humanoid

Exploration diving just as space exploration involves long robots. Nevertheless the Humanoids are still rare. Designed by researchers at Stanford University, OceanOne is the first of its kind. This humanoid has been imagined to explore seabed in virtual reality. The control operator 2 OceanOne arms via two devices on return of fore (haptic), which gives the humanoid a dexterity and it allows to explore shipwrecks.
Thus, OceanOne was deployed in the Mediterranean, about 30 km from the French coast to sidemounted the wreck of “La Lune”, a ship in the fleet of Louis XIV which rests at a hundred metres under the surface since 1664. The head of the robot include 2 cameras that provide the operator surface a stereoscopic view. The robot moves through 8 small thrusters controlled by an artificial intelligence which ensures a stable position the robot despite the turbulence and currents. The treasure hunt now passes by the virtual dive.
Source : “Maiden voyage of Stanford’s humanoid robotic diver recovers treasures from King Louis XIV’s wrecked flagship”, Stanford News, March 27, 2016

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