Video of the week: first laps for the DevBot

The first robot car race preparations continue actively. If you know yet nothing teams involved, the first event should nevertheless take place in curtain of a course of Formula E for the 2016-2017 season. The design of the car designed by Daniel Simon had was unveiled a few months ago. This week it’s the DevBot coming to realize his first laps on the mythical circuit of Donnington in Britain. It is not the prototype of the future RoboRace cars, but a test bench for computers, software and sensors that will equip the cars that will be designed to the race.

With this DevBot, teams will be able to debug their software on this machine that resembles a LMP2 car electrified and automated. Because if all teams will have the same robot car, it is in their software that will make the difference on the track. Luca Di Grassi, the Vice-World champion of Formula E took place aboard the DevBot and to published on Snapchat are experience as a passenger in the car robot. The pilot is impressed but said to also found the experience particularly weird…


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