Video of the week: the Navy had fly a swarm of 30 drones

The future of the air war will be master drones in the sky. Rather than drones of Predator or Neuron type, advanced drones that akin to manned aircraft, these drones could be more simple, less expensive but capable of operating in swarm. Dozens of drones attack group and cooperate among themselves in order to carry out their joint mission. It is in any case a track followed by ONR (Office of Naval Research) and the University of Georgia Tech with the LOCUST for Low Cost UAV Swarm Technology project. A project that comes to fly a swarm of 30 drones.
Hard to call this swarm a formation flying both these thirty drones seem to fly without greater cohesion and yet all follow their course. U.S. researchers use drones similar to those used by Google for its deliveries by drones but they also tests specific drones. LOCUSTThese are launched via a device of type rocket, a multiple Launcher where each tube contains a drone. Each drone is ejected then spreads its wings and finally joins the swarm in flight towards the goal. These drones are still no military support, but they no doubt foreshadow a possible future of the air war.

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