Virgin Galactic finally won the right to send its customers into space

Virgin Galactic VSS Unity12 years after Richard Branson has created the first private space company, Virgin Galactic comes to receive the go-ahead from the FAA to perform tourist space flight. Despite the crash of the shuttle SpaceShipTwo, the American Aviation Authority finally granted an operating licence by Virgin Galactic. As soon as 2017, the first space tourists could know the joys of space.

2017, year of the democratization of space?

700 customers of Virgin Galactic the accident of October 31, 2015 will have not cooled will soon be at the foot of the wall. Richard Branson space company is allowed to start its commercial exploitation. The first paying passengers might embark upon next year.


It is from New Mexico that first Virgin Galactic passengers will be able to embark on the SpaceShipTwo for outer space.

For the time being, a new copy of the SpaceShipTwo has been assembled and is currently conducting its tests on the ground. After its test flights, it will finally carry its first passengers. If Virgin Galactic successful his bet and manages to ship in space its first customers in 2017, it will take speed all of its competitors, including Blue Origin, the space company of Jeff Bezos. It will then be of Act 1 of the democratization of space. The ticket for the space is sold 220,000 euros “only” while so far alone the billionaires could cost tens of millions of dollars claimed by the Russian space agency to send a passenger into space. The first space tourist, American Dennis Tito knew paid 20 million dollars to the Russian space Federal Agency boarded a Soyuz. It was in 2001.

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Source : “FAA-AST Awards Virgin Galactic Operator License For SpaceShipTwo“, Virgin Galactic release, August 1st, 2015

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