Autonomous car, augmented reality: PSA starts on the road to innovation

Citroën---Autonomous-DrivingThe communication of PSA Peugeot Citroën had not accustomed us to such party! The french automobile group has published a series of videos on YouTube, all focus on innovation. The french group finally communicates on the progress of its projects in terms of autonomous car, also shows an augmented reality application rather well thought driver and even a parking guided by smartphone application. Will PSA leave the economic headlines to make those high-tech press?

Autonomous or partly autonomous Peugeot and Citroen cars as early as 2017/2018

The subject had a little unadulterated by Carlos Tavares, CEO of the PSA group a few weeks ago. The constructor is obviously working on the autonomous car and should sell first at least partially autonomous models by 2017/2018. Currently, there are 5 Peugeot and Citroën models being tested on French roads. The video unveiled by PSA shows actually different models able to hold their line of conduct, but also capable of performing an overflow without shipping the other driver in the scenery and everything carefully following speed limits. The Constabulary will enjoy (or not). It could regain some of these features on the next 508.

Augmented reality, an elegant way to improve driving safety

Si la vidéo de la voiture autonome Peugeot/Citroën est finalement peu spectaculaire tant on sent le conducteur et son passager crispés lorsqu’il lâche son volant, la vidéo montrant l’application de réalité augmentée est plus spectaculaire. Celle-ci affiche sur le pare-brise de manière plutôt bien pensée la route à suivre en fonction de l’itinéraire programmé dans le GPS. Les changements de voie se superposent à la route à suivre sans trop masquer la vue sur la route.

Attention aux motards !

Beware bikers! The video of the application of augmented reality presented by PSA is impressive. The result will be there in a production car?

If the video of the autonomous car Peugeot/Citroen is ultimately unspectacular both one senses the driver and his passenger tense when he let go of the steering wheel, the video showing the application of augmented reality is most spectacular. It displayed on the windshield of rather well thought-out way the route depending on the route programmed into the GPS. Lane changes are superimposed on the route to follow without too much to hide the view of the road. The system also keeps track of line and tells the driver that he is trying to deviate from his path. It is of course coupling to the adaptive cruise control which is the most impressive. The system locates the surrounding vehicles and indicates to the driver the minimum safety distance to hold. It is obviously when a biker comes to double the system shows the most interest: a ‘danger’ sign is placed on the back of the bold and clearly indicates its position until it is out of reach. Same principle city where the system materializes in the distance of safety and pedestrians on the pavement… An option that may well transform your windshield in Christmas tree in some countries. PSA will get t – it also image quality bluffing that video on a real windshield?
Finally, the third video posted by PSA corresponds to the solution Valeo’s Park4U unveiled by the equipment manufacturer several years ago. Baptized Citypark remote parking at PSA, it is an Automation of assisted parking controlled from the smartphone. You can descend car to attend the show of the vehicle parking on a square slightly larger that it even. Interesting, if only as long as other drivers will not have this option on their vehicle, the shots of door its guaranteed…

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