Autonomous car: General Motors took control of Cruise Automation

Audi-Cruise Dramatic turn in the race towards the autonomous car. General Motors has just announced the acquisition of Cruise Automation, US startup that conceived an autonomous driving system. According to the website re / code, the US auto giant reportedly paid more than $ 1 billion to get their hands on this nugget … and get back into the race to commercialization of the first autonomous cars.

Cruise Automation had pre-sold 250 copies of its autonomous control system

General Motors President Dan Ammann (right) with Cruise Automation co-founders Kyle Vogt (center) and Daniel Kan (left).

Dan Ammann (right), president of General Motors with the two co-founders of Cruise Automation Kyle Vogt (center) and Daniel Kan (left).

Paradoxically, Cruise Automation became known in January 2016 when a Nissan Leaf equipped with autonomous driving system automation Cruise went hit a Toyota Prius on a street in San Francisco. The honor of the engineers was safe because the control system was disabled. Established in 2013, Cruise Automation has a unique positioning in the “marketplace of autonomous cars. Its designers have designed a system independent of the vehicle itself, means that it is theoretically possible to install on any vehicle modern.

If the amount of the transaction has not been officially unveiled by General Motors, several sources told Re / code evoke an amount exceeding the billion. The algorithms developed by Cruise Automation seem worth more than gold. The company should continue to operate in startup mode within the GM group.

Target set to the founders of Cruise Automation: integrate their devices to GM vehicles

The device 1 PR Cruise Automation has already sold 250 copies.

The RP-1 Cruise Automation device has already sold 250 copies.

The official press release does not mention, however, what happens to the RP-1, the device developed by the Cruise Automation team. Priced at $ 10 000 it has already been pre-sold 250 copies. The target set in the founder is no longer marketing this aftermarket equipment but to integrate this technology more quickly to the different models sold by the group. Dan Ammann probably not accept that Tesla Motors trumps its engineers and launched a fashion autonomous driving in the US before one of the many brands of the group. With Cruise Automation, GM wants to catch up as quickly as possible and rival Dan Ammann will set the price.

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