Autonomous car: Tesla overtakes traditional car manufacturers

Tesla-AutopilotWith a production of tens of thousands of Model S by quarter, Tesla Motors is still seen by traditional manufacturers as a niche player. By comparison, Volkswagen produced 41 000 vehicles… per day. However, Testa Motors is evolving on another planet. Without advertising investment, the American monopolizes the media attention and his R & D took speed rivals by activating the first a function of autonomous conduct on vehicles already in circulation. An approach to the nearest phone than the traditional car market.

A simple software update enabled Tesla to activate the function “Autopilot”

Tesla-detroit-2015-autopilotElon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors announced a few weeks ago. The latest Tesla Model S are already equipped with the needed to conduct stand-alone sensors. A simple software update in version 7.0 and thus equipped with cars now have the Autopilot function. It therefore relies on the GPS, a front radar, camera and its Ultrasonic sensors to provide this automatic driving mode. In addition to the automatic parking function now relatively frequent on new vehicles, this Autopilot function corresponds essentially to the Adaptive Cruise Control already present on certain vehicles upscale but with some subtleties which functions of autonomous conduct still at the stage of prototype other manufacturers. Thus, the system manages file holding, overtaking or still can avoid clashes not only with an emergency but by avoidance. Thanks to its agility and its relative small size, Tesla Motors was able to speed many manufacturers putting on the road the first all these functions. Its Autopilot mode does not yet compete with the prototypes developed on which work for years laboratories of manufacturers and OEMs, nor with the Google Car. It remains in the history of the automobile as the first to have put on the market as advanced Autopilot function.Tesla-autopilot-dashboard

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Source : “Your Autopilot has arrived”, Tesla Motors Blog, October 14, 2015

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